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UFL referees undergo training

UFL Referee Training (Photo by Coco Torre)

Changes are happening for the United Football League as the referees are undergoing a training module to improve on their performance in the league.

Heading the training are Football Association of Singapore's committee members in Augustine Arlando, a former FIFA match official and Dave Roberts, who is a national referee tutor from the Football Association.

The module began Saturday with the referees asked to improved their decision making and player management. They will continue it on Sunday where they will undergo a physical session.

According to Roberts, "I'm delighted to say a couple of officials caught my eye with very promising performances. I've already recommended names to UFL executives as potential stars and I see two at least if given the right guidance making it to elite level in South East Asia."

The Philippine Football Federation has also supported this move by the league as it aim to see the officiating be at the same level of the competition with teams already improving their squad with a mix of both local and foreign talents.